Monitor Your PXI Switching With The MAC Panel
The SCOUT from MAC Panel is a configurable Mass Interconnect system that provides a PCB or short wire interconnection for your PXI based test system.
Each PXI instrument is attached to a receiver connector module via a Direct Access Kit (DAK) adaptor, providing direct connectivity between the PXI instruments and the SCOUT receiver.
All instruments are easily installed or removed through the front of the receiver, without disturbing the system wiring. DAK adapters utilize standard MAC Panel Series connector modules, providing a wide variety of contact types: with signal, power, coax, RF and hybrid combinations available. The connection between the PXI instrument and receiver module is accomplished using either printed circuit boards or flex circuits, providing optimum connectivity performance while reducing wiring cost. Where a wired solution is preferred, the DAK adapter provides for a short wire alternative to traditional hinged mass interconnect receiver designs.

DAK assemblies also allow you to monitor the activity levels of your instruments or switches in parallel. The access ports can either be hardwired or connected by flex circuitry. 

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